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002 Why did Ingredient Depot leave Amazon?

  • 1 min read

Why leave Amazon?

It's a privilege delivering our products to thousands of customers on Amazon. Sadly the technology on Amazon does not allow the customer and seller interaction needed to distribute our products with passion and safety in mind.

Can I still schedule a free call with your specialist?

Yes. If you purchased a genuine Ingredient Depot product on Amazon or an authorized reseller, you automatically have access to our product specialist for the lifetime of your product.

Since 2011 Ingredient Depot has helped thousands in the beverage, cosmetic, food, natural health, pharmaceutical and supplement industries. If you are starting, applying, maintaining or growing a product, company or brand, we can help you with industry-wide know-how.

Our specialist provides free, quality and precise information to new entrepreneurs, existing small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and procurement specialists from the public and private sectors.

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Where can I find genuine Ingredient Depot products?

Genuine Ingredient Depot products are available on our website or an authorized reseller.

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