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EMCOMPRESS® Dibasic Calcium Phosphate from North America

EMCOMPRESS® Dibasic Calcium Phosphate USP and Food Grade from North America

  • What is EMCOMPRESS® Dibasic Calcium Phosphate?

    EMCOMPRESS® Dibasic Calcium Phosphate is a water-insoluble white crystalline powder providing high chemical stability, good flowability, neutral tasting, and inorganic with no risk of BSE/TSE contamination and free of allergens.

    When is EMCOMPRESS® used?

    Suited when high-speed and dense production output is required. EMCOMPRESS® is less sensitive towards lubricants compared to plastically deforming materials. Performs well with a wide variety of APIs including sticky herbal extracts, chewable tablets, soft gel capsules and probiotics.

    What certifications does the brand EMCOMPRESS® maintain?

    EMCOMPRESS® Dibasic Calcium Phosphate holds the USP/NF, FCC Food Grade certifications.

    What country is EMCOMPRESS® manufactured?

    EMCOMPRESS® is manufactured in North America.