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Fructose Crystalline Non-GMO, Food Grade and USP Grade from North America

Fructose Crystalline Non-GMO, Food Grade, Kosher & Halal from North America

  • What is Fructose Crystalline?

    Fructose Crystalline is derived from corn, similar to high fructose corn syrup, but requires extra processing steps to result in the crystalline product that is close to 100% pure fructose. This sweetener offers several unique benefits in comparison with high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners. It is 20% sweeter than table sugar allowing it to better enhance flavour.

    What specifications does this Fructose Crystalline uphold?

    This Fructose Crystalline is a non-GMO product that meets the USP grade and food grade specifications.

    What industries is Fructose Crystalline used in?

    Fructose Crystalline is used predominantly in the food and beverage industry, found in yoghurts, desserts, sports drinks, baked goods, jams and much more.

    Where is this Fructose Crystalline manufactured?

    It is manufactured in North America.