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Glycol 99.9% Tech

Glycol or PG (Propylene Glycol) 99.9% Industrial or Technical Grade

Does INGREDIENT DEPOT’S Glycol 99.9% Industrial or Technical Grade have accurate LOT NUMBERS & MANUFACTURE DATES?

Yes, our labels include a LOT NUMBER and MANUFACTURING DATE. True to all our plastic bottles of 2.5-litre and 4-litre and 20-litre pails.

What is Glycol 99.9% Industrial or Technical Grade?

Commonly called PGI 99.9% Tech, it is the highest purity grade of propylene glycol. PGI 99.9% is colourless, practically odourless, intermediate viscosity, water-soluble and hygroscopic liquid (it attracts water). With low toxicity and outstanding stability, PGI 99.9% properties include high flash and boiling points, low vapour pressure and broad solvency.

When is PGI 99.9% preferred?

PGI 99.9% is ideal for a wide array of applications. Ingredient Depot’s selections of North American manufacturers are the leading producer of propylene glycol since 1948. PGI 99.9% is a specialty PG grade. For use in sensitive applications such as maintenance of industrial machinery, polyester resins, heat transfer fluids, lubricants, and anti-freeze properties, to name a few.

What country is Glycol 99.9% Industrial or Technical Grade manufactured?

Ingredient Depot’s PGI 99.9% is manufactured in North America.

Does Ingredient Depot distribute a food grade PG?

We distribute PG 99.9% USP/EP food grade, certified Kosher and Halal and manufactured in North America. Click Here


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