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Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil (Refined) Food Grade from North America

Does INGREDIENT DEPOT'S Grape Seed Oil (refined) have accurate LOT NUMBERS & MANUFACTURE DATES?

Yes, our labels include a LOT NUMBER and MANUFACTURING DATE. This is true for all our 2.5-litre bottles, 4-litre jugs, 20-litre pails, and 200-litre drums.

What is Grape Seed Oil?

Grape Seed Oil (Refined) is obtained from the seeds of grapes. The dried grape seeds are pressed and extracted, afterwards the crude oil is refined. It is clear in appearance, bland in taste, and odourless.

What distinguishes refined oil?

Unlike unrefined oils, refined oils undergo a treatment to remove all of the undesired elements. The darkly pigmented, intensely odoured oil is changed to a clear golden, odour-free oil. Refined oils tend to have a longer shelf life than unrefined oils. Due to their heat-stability, refined oils are better to use to produce any products which may require a heated stage.

What are the specifications of Ingredient Depot’s Grape Seed Oil?

It is a refined product that is certified food grade by our manufacturer.

What industries is Grape Seed Oil (Refined) used in?

It has applications in food and personal care products. Refined Grape Seed Oil is a great base ingredient for body care products. It is an excellent carrier for aromatic essences making it an ideal ingredient to add to products with essential oils. It’s also suitable for sautéing, baking and cooking.

Where is this Grape Seed Oil (Refined) manufactured?

Our Grape Seed Oil is manufactured in North America.


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