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Corn Starch PURE-DENT® Food Grade from North America

Native 100% Corn Starch (Maize) Cargill Gel™, Food Grade, Kosher and Halal from North America

  • What is Native 100% Corn Starch Cargill Gel™?

    Native 100% Corn Starch (Maize) is a native common corn starch manufactured in North America. A quality product delivering high viscosity and excellent gel strength at an economical price.

    What is Cargill GelTM 03420 Corn Starch mainly used for?

    Native maize starches are multifunctional ingredients exhibiting properties that can be used in a number of food applications and manufacturing processes: texturizing agents, film formers, water binders, fillers and thickeners. Cargill GelTM 03420 is applied in food products such as:

    - soups, sauces, and gravies

    - cream and custard fillings

    - puddings

    - salad dressings

    - icings

    - dry mixes

    - meat and poultry

    - batter and breading mixes

    What country is Cargill Gel TM 03420 Corn Starch manufactured in?

    It is manufactured in North America.