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Ingredient Depot Industry-related products | Frequently Asked Questions

Ingredient Depot Industry-related confirm account.
Ingredient Depot Industry-related confirm account.

General questions

Industry-related products have a disclaimer similar to the picture listed.

These requirements are in place to protect the public, either because handling the material requires specialized equipment, prevents abuse, or is required to adhere to local or federal laws specific to the country of the shipping address.

Confirm Account for Industry-related products

When placing an order, please submit the business name and the product's intended use.

Yes. You could can send the business information anytime. Here is the link.

What to expect

We reply within one business day.

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time.

This process is not for every order of Industry-related products.

It's a one-time setup. Once the account is confirmed, future purchases are permitted directly on the website.