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Iodine Prilled 99.8% USP/ACS/EP from Chile 

What is Iodine Prilled +99.8% (ACS/USP/EP grade) used for?

Iodine is used in diverse medical, agricultural and industrial applications. It is the main component of injectable contrast media for clinical exams and is used directly in the production of many drugs.

Is Iodine used for industrial applications?

Iodine has diverse industrial applications, including disinfectants for the dairy industry, biocides for paints and wood treatments and herbicides.

What is the origin of this Iodine?

The origin of Iodine is always important, our Iodine originates from the world’s largest deposits in Chile. It is the purest form of Iodine available.

What does prilled Iodine mean?

Prilled form describes the round even shape of our Iodine (as pictured above). Prills are known to be easier to manipulate in industrial environments, and easy dissolving when used in a controlled production for pharmaceuticals.


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